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Attention w as specially directed to this subject by Dr. Edwin Lankester
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oesophagus. The food appeared to pass about to the cardiac
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the mucous membrane while later it may change in its entire
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promptly and seemed to have checked the course of the
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ferent. A wide range of oral doses has been reported to be
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Hemorrhage occurred oftenest at the end of the second week and
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prominent limited within by a notch formed by the smooth
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The root contains much mucilage which is quite sooth
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The phosphoric acid in the latter was then estimated in the man.
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thoroughly and fold the towel over it and use a bladder of ice
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value either as food medicine poison or m the arts.
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were also mixed with blood. In exceptional cases there appeared a
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Spaniards have found this disease among the natives. The same
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and depression. Nutritious diet and the various iherapeutMS
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test tube containing a solution of common salt. per cent. is
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see coming toward me a black racer four or five feet in
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anasarca developed in serial attacks with intermissions
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other hand it is common to observe periods during which the disease is
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effects of enthusiasm by reference to the labors of