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found to be a small bile-duct locally distended, its walls thickened, and
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open to all who choose to dub themselves "doctors." An apt
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stituents ; and doubtless the time will come when means will be
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and spinal trouble following gonorrhcea. Many years ago,
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variety of minds that are wont to assemble here. Dr William
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pressure and gi-eat hypera-mia, attempts at inflation
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to a cannula tied into the trachea, and using the various
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Pain or rise of temperature after the first twenty-four hours is
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Sidney S. Lee, m.d., d.r.p.h., Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for
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Disinfection. — Every facility has to be given by the owner or
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The most interesting thing about this case is the combination
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pulverised. Nearly all the bones of the face and cranium were more or less
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shiped the sun, the most natural and rational of all primitive
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2. Chronic consecutive anaemias, which place the individual in an un-
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of the recorded clinical facts does not, in my opinion, show any constant
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Because of the universal presence of water, it is plain that such re-
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sion, the general law in reference to the modifying influence of the
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removal of the spleen is attended with disastrous results.
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descending thoracic aorta was found pressing backwards and
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Gentlemen. — I beg to acknowledge the receipt of ajar of your excellent extract of Conium, pre-
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"A post-captain, so ill as to be carried on shore in his bed, came to
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'•In the third experiment — the most interesting— a large, vigorous fowl was
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Mountain, with single flowered scapes, probably belong to the var.
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vidual to learn how to minimise his little share in the general
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16. That from a piece of khaki serge, similarly treated, the
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Two hundred ninety-four patients died. Twenty-one pa-
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Readers of the Journal are urged to make every endeavor to at-
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soap and water bath was often efficacious. In certain situations — about the
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the public health". Equally mischievous is the assertion made in a
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of quackery and superstition to a degree, and gave science room and