that much of the cicatricial contraction was due to the attempts
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These experiments which appear in the Bulletin de la Societe
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Exhibited at the Obstetrical Society of London by the President
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glass were felt in the bladder. They were extracted through the
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local muscular rheumatism for instance rheumatism of the muscles of
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I have known a great lady of a tender conftitution complain that fhe
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precise enough. The stomach the small intestines the large
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of the finger under these circumstances however it may at times be brought
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eter the size which obtained in Halstead s case of hemor
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tubercular sera especially Paquin s and that of Maragilano he gave a
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and traction by placing these children in a position with
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surgical purposes. He strongly urged this method for
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which haemorrhage was the last aetiological condition.
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eventually discharge into the superior mesenteric vein. The return circu
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editor has added no less than thirty four original cuts
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tion from meat coffee tea and alcohol to lower the vascular ten
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ation the ftomach ia generally about a whole day before it regains
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of the fimctions of the Medical Department and of combat units were considered
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The general health should be improved by general tonic
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behind the latter with its four or five pledgets until the latter
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are more affected than the arms particularly the extensors and peroneal
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think the prognosis is certainly not favorable owing
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between the two sides is slight and uniform over the
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cate a malignant growth if one can palpate a distinct tumor
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affectionate open and tender soured by the sense of an unhappy condi
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it is important. Direct imitation of alarming symp
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I have received the th th th and th numbers of that journal.
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surfaces were the seat of superficial erosions and here and there were
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It accumulates in greater quantity on some parts of a given
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myces act as a foreign body. They provoke phenomena of reaction
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material which takes up the secretions gradually as
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or swine plague in any organ or tissue other than the kidneys or
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ders unusual firmness and tenderness of the muscles
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duced infection when fed to other mice in milk or broth cultures.
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comes from work cleanse the feet and rub this liniment
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berculosis tmtil the epochal evening two generations later
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sician the nurse alone being exempt. The patient not
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to this form of emphysema. It is characterized by the en
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however a more general connexion between the state of the
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parts of different species was often useful for experi
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in most places is still preserved. At some points however the
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tissues and if the arm could have been saved there would
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gives cod liver oil and armara which he says are too little thought
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