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In Algiers itself the climate is moist as well as warm and

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also prohibitory. A sewage disposal far less expensive

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tures consists in reducing the percentage of water by adding a dry

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suffice to make a differential diagnosis between tuberculosis

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sheet divided by lines which correspond with the scale of

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care and facilities for operation and postoperative

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there was daily a considerable discharge of bloody sanies

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ether consumed and the operations for which the anaesthesia was

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sufficiently so. This physiologist asserts that ventriloquism consists in certain modifi

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of the symptom complex of appendicitis after several

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appendices. By the way the difliculty of procuring milk in

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has made its appearance and has committed appalling devas

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sociation of American Anatomists and the Chemical and

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mentation of the skin of the exposed parts. The blood

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medulary cavity because the operation was both a painful and pro

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plemented by the College of Surgeons have despite the

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discard the term papilla altogether since we know that no papilla

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When indigestion colic constipation or diarrhoea arises from impro

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the Marine Hospital Service under one head directly

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open till the last to introduce the fumigating materials

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the several classes of foods. The discrepancy which exists between the

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been thrown on the wood pile and into which the water from a

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ticularly serviceable. You cannot combine colchicum with

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nally in the veins of the pericranium and internally in the veins and

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Half a tea spoonful stirred in a gill of water is good

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Ferro Salicylata may be obtained of wholesale druggists

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oxide bath is of service as adapted to the individual

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clavicular and axillary glands and along the needle

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Three years ago she perceived a tumour of considerable

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ously upon removal of bandages. Drainage tube removed on the fourth

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inferior two thirds of tlie ascending frontal tlie ascending parietal.