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of some of the most ancient scientific writers and observers. Thus we

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The degrees in Medicine and Surgery granted by the University are

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going over the ground I found that it was a Sanguinaria

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under surface was honeycombed and the pia mater was im

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above was used as a bath in making from to melting point

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Contamination of the soil or subsoil for long periods with

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dissolving lime. This has been wn to save life after all other means

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obstetrical forceps is a defective instrument permit

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being confirmed or the membranous exudation having been

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of touch without being able to trace the body of the uterus

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In one case he heard the heart sounds through tbe patient s clothes.

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Sections of the gall bladder showed desquamation of the

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nor Scotland has the connexion been noticed. In Edinburgh however

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paration of the tubes of sterilized gelatine and of the

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bringing up a pearly substance. Sometimes it is per

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technique of the operation. In nine cases he had rem

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lesion was treated with the direct rays while the vaginal

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and Percussion and the art of Diagnosis in general.

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by powers inherent in the constitution that enable it to remove so

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came to my office for examination. Several symptoms

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additional contributions to the David Streett Memorial Fund.

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mitral obstruction in extreme form or b at the xiphoid tricuspid obstruction

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White s views coincided in the main with his own. He did not

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the developed attack c for a brief period of long but

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dividual damage to the heart blood and kidneys from

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Dr. Kingsley and himself. He roceeded to explain the

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southern rneniberH will not again be discriminated against in this

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of a large number of sections especially those which

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substances in the blood. Emboli for example are apt to cause clots

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metres. The measurements of weight were made on the men only

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that the muscles contracting singly performed motions exactly

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called symmetrical osteomata of the nasal processes of the

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needed succor It may have happened that the last case

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Atropine recently has been advocated in the treatment of ileus but sta

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larly in cases of specific inflammation. When surgeons placed

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of typhoid prepares the ground for the settlement of other micro

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was applied to the femoral and pressure made over the wound by

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Alexander Baron senior late of Charleston. A copart

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periosteal edema. This pain and tenderness persist for as long as ten days

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and also on the left foot as well. The nodules appeared to develop

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The prognosis is hopeless as regards improvement. The course of

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inflammation of the conjunctival and sclerotic coats and involving