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of the president a treasurer and recording secretary all of which
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typhoid fever at Camp Black reports that nearly all the
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these experiments which were conducted on single celled organ
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tween them safe and easy. It is also fitting that those
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gaged for patients who may need surgical operations
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Thursday afternoon was spent at Lake Minnetonka where the Twin City
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a human creature it suggested to me an experiment which I
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although the shadow produced by a serous effusion is less dense
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Jane L. Bleakley Assistant in Art as Applied to Medicine
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Austin Flint the President of this Association shall be
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yet the requirements were by no means so precise. In the Med
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follow ed by paralysis. The Klebs Loeffler bacillus
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Wright of WAKEFiELn Dr. Frederic Bird of Brook street On
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A most important practical point connected with vaccination is the discrim
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an increase of white corpuscles in the blood. In many cases the anatomied
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tion. Starting with this discovery he continued his
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divided into two doses and the first injected about two hours before the
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Such a case came under ray own observation in May. A
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spasm. Farroni therefore contends that we do not possess
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physical condition to support animal life at as early a
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nite statement has not yet been obtained but the dispatch says
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his habit of thinking for himself would have been impaired and
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charge continuing so profuse and the probe detecting
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Prompted as he was by the influences of both heredity and environ
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pressed by the carbolic coefficient but may be taken into consideration
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citing a latent predisposition or of contributing to the develop
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pyogeuetic organisms and not to the typhoid bacillus.
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in all manipulations should be made with the healthy
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spective of the determination as to whether the case
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The infant was now cfiven i mixture of cod liver oil and
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cent. The natural aversion of the Turk to anything in
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to the city he then takes this patient to a free clinic and
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that on treatment in which general principles are given
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and easily healed by the application of loam than by
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seem strange for the occasion and gave rise to rather sharp
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is accidental it presents its normal appearance Mathieu. Heematoidin
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sensitive than any of the other mucous surfaces in the neighbourhood.