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ciple. Atropine and various other remedies used for coughs and
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something more than mere reprinting of the manual hence the new
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ferred that a corresponding physical condition requires Arsenicum once
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ical Manifestations. Dr. Alfred Meyer reported this
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bitants by such a scourge. Daniel De Foe has left a
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the question whether the seat of consciousness could be
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The pupil is a very good indication of the depth of
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vaginam where possible. Constitutional treatment must
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ment but to build up by their own unaided efforts. Under
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it were not carried through the circulation so as to poison
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the oscillations of the body during progression to which
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Tobacco has been highly extolled by many therapeutists and Dr.
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was all right. He was able to find his way about quite well.
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the.r rays produces a lessening of leucocytes in an animal
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ment supplies and diet extras being similarly accounted
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two weeks. Our dry goods men complained that they did not
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among my patients whom I was treating for cancer there
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may be satisfied he has acquired a competent knowledge of a
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that consequently we could not have repeated his experi
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ward direction. It woidd never have entered his thoughts
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needs of infants etc. The section dealing with the dietetic
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