occurring among children under one year of age. Of the
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the seat of the constant pain in swallowing. Tlie epiglottis
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described with the written consent of their parents or guardians.
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frequent association of a cutaneous jaundice. Also the
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or prolonged chilliness suggests the advisability of try
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made as practical as possible so that the student may become familiar with
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sleep at least nine hours. But from various causes there is a great
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finger by compresses by tourniquets and by constricting bands.
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invitation to visit the fair of the American Insti
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your directions to the patient and to the other members of
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warranted by two facts in forming this conjecture. lu dissecting the bo
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ued with daily improvement until now all hyperesthesia
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occur and who properly selects the cases on which to employ
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ant surgeoncy in the Hon. East India Company s service.
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usually regarded as microscopic. Br. Wallieh promises
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malignant disease of the abdominal oi r growths which
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The proceedings adopted in the practice of magnetism have sensibly
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locations are nearly as frequent as fractures. This tendency to
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that by opening and closing the scissors laterally so
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but it appears not improbable that it is so and shall T nture
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gested and more or less inflamed and surrounding the cornea
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charges which are withdrawn all the civil and other Euro
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to call for the exercise of much discrimination and the adoption
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mental surgeons though there are no regimental hospitals. This will
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bottle fed baby manifested restless nights groaning
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broncho pneumonia during the first week after the operation and she left the
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conclusion that the doctrine of spasmodic asthma is
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activity of antipncuniococcus serum with special reference to this prob
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they are even in the case of children eight and ten years
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an endeavour to help to solve this problem that this
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Note. Sometimes it is necessary to inject hot sterile
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give rise. In those cases which end fatally the death
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the inevitably unesthetic character of digital explora
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tion of the symptoms. Two days later a trephine opening was made
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Later in the day she became violently sick and feverish.