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that such vicissitudes are but coincident or exciting causes and that a
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calls for alteration — viz., the word " fractures " at the
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might have been accomplished by the pressure of a child's finger.
found that when powdered cornelians were mixed with black oxide
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Again certain variations in results have been obtained under altered
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"Suflficient light properly diffused" and the advantages as far as health
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mortality in the respective divisions is about as given above —
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history of onset was inquired into, showed that vomiting occurred in no less
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auricular and inter- ventricular septa, the heart and its vessels
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phrenosin. The analysis and molecular weight indicate that this material of
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gray matter and in peripheral nerves ; and they maintain that myelitis,
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Diverse opportunities for Family Physicians in urban and
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The treatment of a case of uraemia must be considered under
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and in one case, that fell under my notice, it did not come out
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own front leg. This vice is sometimes called wind-sucking.
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I am convinced that the supposed necessity for assuming the existence
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tliin sandwiches. A large icebag may be applied to the chest.
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In strumous cases I have found most benefit from the iodide of
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albumens. Some contain more carbon than others, and
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was much alarmed ; at first he objected to the remedies,
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the more readily admit that a similar absence of agraphia and a similar
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fervent religious service. If the work of a mission
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Hospital; Physician to, and Clinical Lecturer on Diseases of Women,
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reports of the Royal or Parliamentary Commissions. It is something
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others interested in sanitary matters, is not only desirable but
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all the rest of whom were well formed and generally free from any physical
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A dose of forty grains of the potassic bromide was prepared
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That most offences are not intentional^ but are, at the worst, due
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tain points in the development of the oocysts, feces, blood, and mucus
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same — whether the inhalation was made before or during the pyrexia, the
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pcrtrophicd to once and a half its original thickness, of firm
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a hospital, having upon its staff men of rare qualifications who
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bacteria in water have shown that there is probably
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plex. He would seek the cause of these symptoms ratlier in
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“Her only weakness was in logical thinking.” (This was a
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pulse of the foot at a cuff pressure equal to that producing obliteration
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nervous troubles they indicate a hereditary neuropathy."
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prejudices of those who have been opposed to it ^eem
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return to his station in this city. — .S". O. 211, A. G. O., Washing-
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and amid surroundings such as these, should be, and is, a pleasure to
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view, but, by illuminating the pelvic cavity with reflected
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general, and not directly for the benefit of the trades or professions.
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keep it forward by passing an elastic band or piece of tape over the
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noon, the rest of the day being free for receiving, issuing,
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was treated for nine months with isoniazid and rifampin. She
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houses which were not disinfected, so that in forty separate
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Traumatic arthroses are properly divided into two classes : simple
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separated a piece of the conjunctiva from the subjacent tissue of the warm eye of a reoently-