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fDarvisul was kindly provided by Lederle Laboratories for

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cases tliat have ever l)een sent out completely cured from this

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In the case of mania we discover all the signs of overaction,

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The facts against arsenical poisoning are the lack of

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stomaco e nello intestino del cavallo. [Read 31 maggio] <Ibidem (10), ott.,

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the main constituents of human milk in their relation to certain

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are to be seen, especially near the center of the lobules. There is a beginning

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potent in its shape, insidious in its effects, blighting its victim and spreading

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collected from the mouth, without using any artificial

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a convulsive elevation of the diaphragm, like that which takes place in vom-

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tend, more or less consciously, to the feeling that they are

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bowels of the young animal before birth. This natural

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about, or even when they have been confined to a sty,

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in the mucous membrane of the nose, as by inhaling a pungent odor,

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brance, and impress me with the belief that a kind Providence

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paper, and the injection is kept up till the discharge

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colic, and suffers pain for several hours ; this ultimately

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satisfactory work in original medical and surgical research for

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could be understood chemically, and the absorption of

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interfere as little as might be with its blood supply, in order to preserve

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dilatation, St. Germain. 4.!.": igni-punoture of the tonsils. St. Ger-

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with well staining spindle-shaped nuclei along its course. This

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protracted, there is irregular chilliness or rigors, and er-

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and tubes as badly diseased, yet without history of pain during

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nitrate of bismutk combined witk tkree grains of gum arabic, and two

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Findings in Two Hundred Postmortems on Children (appearing in full

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Oxford and Cambridge Schools' Examination Boarrf.— Certificate to include

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receptacle in which wheat or other grain is poured. The

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cases which came to this center were somewhat late in the stage of the

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demand such life-long devotion that no longer do physiologists, like

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demonstration. When renal disease of any kind coexists with pregnancy,

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Jn the way of general treatment, however, nothing peculiar is xen

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few facts in relation to the laws of nature, the elements and properties of mat-

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In adults this contraction takes place about seventy

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It is not till the eighteenth century that we find further records of

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a pathological point of view is the case of the man of

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open to grave doubts. I am not aware that the occurrence

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